Hello, I am Ella Kim, the founder of ITZArt4you and a pianist. We had our first session at Dogwood Elementary school on Tuesday Oct. 18, 2022. My sister, Emma and I were feeling nervous three days leading up to the first session because there were only a few kids signed up on our online registration.  But the next day, we were nervous for a different reason. My mom picked up a packet of paper registrations. Over 70 kids had registered on paper! The mentors and I were nervous and thrilled at the same time. How would we handle all of the students since there were only twelve mentors? We were prepared to teach a max of 2 students per mentor.  But we decided that we couldn’t turn away any Dogwood ES students that were interested in music and art lessons. This turned out to be the right decision. As the mentors and I were meeting the students, we saw a lot of smiles and kids eager to learn. Many of the piano students were touching the piano for the first time. That made me want to work harder with them and make piano lessons with ITZArt, something that they look forward to during the next 7 weeks. Once I began to teach, I easily got into the groove of teaching and I was no longer nervous, but happy to be able to teach them piano. In total, we had 11 keyboards and 15 students. This meant that some of the kids had to share a keyboard. Hopefully we will have enough keyboards for each student. I will continue to work hard and share my passion for the piano with the kids at Dogwood Elementary School.

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