On July 7, 2022, Mrs. Grimes hosted a workshop at Rocky Run Middle School, to teach us how to work with young students. Some of our friends who were interested in helping us teach joined us as well. Mrs. Grimes gave us packets which had different topics and lessons, which were in the order to teach in. We talked about how to act with the kids, and Mrs. Grimes gave us tips on not to be so serious and to be enthusiastic and funny. She also gave us suggestions on how to “steal kids’ hearts” by giving them rewards, and making class fun. Towards the end of the workshop, we practiced teaching each other, one person being the student, and the other person being the teacher, while Mrs. Grimes gave us suggestions. It was really fun while we got to act like students, and make it hard for the teacher. We are very grateful to Mrs. Grimes, who generously spent her afternoon working with us. 

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