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Dogwood Session 3

On Tuesday, I had another extremely fulfilling day teaching for Itzart4you. My student’s name is Emma, she’s in fifth grade, and she plays viola. Emma and I were working on using her bow to play the songs that we had plucked the previous week. We worked a lot on her […]

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Dogwood Session 2

Tuesday, October 25 was our second session at Dogwood. I was excited to have four of my students come to class, including a Spanish speaking student. It was very helpful to have a mentor who was fluent in Spanish to help me translate. I was pleasantly surprised by how prepared […]

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Dogwood Session 1

Hello, I am Ella Kim, the founder of ITZArt4you and a pianist. We had our first session at Dogwood Elementary school on Tuesday Oct. 18, 2022. My sister, Emma and I were feeling nervous three days leading up to the first session because there were only a few kids signed […]

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